After a short pause since the last race, the organizing team of the Czech Drif Series went to Českolipská Sosnová, at the local autodrome, where it prepared the fourth race of the PRO and SemiPro categories, connected with Street and Street +. CEZ Championship, which meant that the legendary autodrome will experience the most of the history of drifting. That's what happened. 119 registered competitors, 4800 paying visitors and 3 days full of drift. Even the racing weekend was enriched by one important social event, the wedding of one of the drifters. So in two words, unrepeatable, unforgettable.

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But now the most important thing, the race itself.

Drivers and teams gradually began to fill the depot from Thursday evening, so that they could make full use of Friday's training day and train. This happened and it was immediately apparent that Polish, German, Hungarian and Slovak competitors drove Czech athletes forward. Everyone from the beginning gave maximum to the practice rides and unfortunately this caused light carambola, when seasoned and experienced Marco Zakouřil damaged his beautiful M2jka. The lunch break even saw the important event of Misha Sacher, who said YES on the race track, with a backdrop of smoke from the burned tires of the other drifters. A very unusual but unforgettable experience. After the trainings were finished, everyone could prepare their machines in the depot, because on Saturday the riders were waiting for qualification and for the Street Group and Street + race.

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Saturday's sunny morning everyone started a debate and then started again in their workouts. Immediately after lunch, the Street and Street + race began. These guys had prepared a shorter and less demanding track, but still some of them were fighting to get the best results. In the end, the best was Lukáš Havlas, who defeated Jan Rambousek with his 84th points, who won 77, and Martin Srba finished third with 70 points.

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In the street plus category, the best four could battle and Denis Cozlowschi and Pavel Pauk competed for 3 place, when Denis eventually won the cup. Martin Grejtovský won the battle for the first and second place, before Patrik Maruška. All athletes are good candidates for next season, when they will be able to compete with rivals Semi-Pro.

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The Semi-Pro and Pro categories had an important part of the race on Saturday afternoon, qualifying. The lower-ranked competitors started first. It was very tight because of all 39 competitors, only Top16 could advance to the Sunday race. Foreign competition showed that the Czechs will not be easy, but they were not intimidated and fought as best they could. This meant that Dominik Kouba finished 3rd, Michal Šubrt 7th, 11th was occupied by Petr Týbl, Matěj Horáček 13, Pavel Hudeček 15 and the last participant of Sunday's race was Jan Hejda. S-P qualifies for young Polish rider Gatkowski Radoslaw.

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In the PRO group, the situation was similar, but fortunately, of the 36 registered, 32 advanced to the race, so the chance was higher. Unfortunately, even the pros did not avoid problems and in the end 8 drivers were not qualified, so the winners of the qualification had a clear advance to Top16. The best was our David Mourek, who came with a new engine that finished the day before the race, ahead of Pawl Borkowski, Marco Zakouril and Michal Reichert.

Ve skupině PRO, byla situace podobná, ale naštěstí z 36 registrovaných jich 32 postupovalo do závodu, takže šance byla vyšší. Bohužel se ale ani profíkům nevyhly problémy a nakonec 8 jezdců nebylo kvalifikováno, takže vítězové kvalifikace měli jasný postup do Top16. Nejlepším byl náš David Mourek, který přijel s novým motorem, který dokončil den před závodem, před Pawlem Borkowskim, Marco Zakouřilem a Michalem Reichertem. 

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Already on Saturday night but the weather was not good and the riders started to rain, which continued until Sunday morning, so the morning load of training was on the water. Competitors had a little worse conditions, but it was obvious that they are all good enough riders and everything went without major problems. After the trainings, the Semi-Pro race could begin.

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All 16 riders presented themselves to the spectators and lined up on the grid and the race could begin. The first round did not go without technical problems and some riders could not continue and therefore advanced their rivals. Unfortunately, the first round was not allowed in other fights Dominik Kouba, Jan Hejda and Petr Týbl. Pavel Hudecek and Michal Subrt competed in Top8, when Pavel advanced and together with Matej Horacek eventually met in the fight for 3 ranks, both of them defeated better Polish drifters. In the end Matěj Horáček with his BMW won the third place after repeated mistake and repeated battle. Daniel Duda took second place and Radoslaw Gatkowski became the winner.

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In the PRO category, the battle was really big. The whole race right from the beginning to pass the first few battles, complicated by heavy rain, which had to stop the race for a few minutes. As well as the technical problems of drivers, when Marco Zakouřil eventually finished in the TOP 8, because he did not manage to repair his machine within the time limit, just as Michal Reichert lost the opportunity to fight for the final. Even seasoned riders, such as Stanislav Bezouška or the winner of the qualification David Mourek, unfortunately were not enough for their opponents and did not advance to the next rounds. In the TOP4 eventually there was only one Czech racer, ie Michal Reichert, who proved to be a true heartbreaker and fighter, when now due to his previous fault and considerable damage to his car, started a repeated ride with torn shock absorber, broken rear axle, Tires went victorious and literally scored 3rd place. Two Polish drivers, Jakub Przygonski and Jacek Popiolek, took the final duel and eliminated David Mourek. Most of all, however, Jakub was happy, who also avoided technical problems but managed to win anyway.

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It was a really unforgettable weekend. a record number of race cars, spectators and atmosphere will be difficult to repeat in the coming years, but the CDS team will certainly try to prepare something interesting again. The responses of viewers and fans of livestream broadcasts were again only positive, everyone praised the perfect and strict organization together with thorough compliance with the rules and we as organizers left Sosnova satisfied and we can concentrate on the next race, which will be popular Gymkhana in Panenský Týnec 16.-17.8. at the CAR WARS meeting.

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