This weekend, the last race of this year, the TransportProjekt Driftchallenge, which took place at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno,
took off. The racers have already announced that they will look and fight at a high level, as the combined event with CEZ championship
has attracted many Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, German and Czech riders in both categories. They brought with them their top technique,
which they had filled the depot on Friday evening and almost 80 machines created a paradise for the eye of every motorist fan.
The contestants who fought for the titles in the Czech championship knew that the way to victory would not be easy, but they were
excellently prepared and certainly not to be intimidated.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the whole weekend was a little uncomfortable, and it was almost over the weekend to ride
either in rain or on a wet track. For this year, the organizer talked about the tracks, so that the SemiPro category went to Fuk,
where they were very profitable and fast, and the PRO went to Cecka, which was particularly appreciated by spectators who could watch
more of their favorites.
In both categories, it was still unclear before the race, who would eventually be the champion,
so all Saturday morning they all started training to be ready for the afternoon qualifying. However, as already mentioned,
the rain influenced the qualification considerably, and so some of the favorites or even the aspirants for the titles did not
succeed and unfortunately did not qualify for Sunday's final battles. For example, Jan Hejda in SemiPro or Luboš Ďurin,
who scored 0 points in both runs, and Martin Mašek, the second one, who finished in the 33rd place,
which was unfortunately not enough to get to the TOP 32 and fight for the champion.
Spiders for both categories were given and no longer hindered anything to start fighting.

Immediately after training sessions and riders' presentation, the SemiPro group started out on the track. As is customary,
nobody has anything to do and fight as well as in the upper class, and it has brought some caravans, for example, when Vaclav Hejda
did not drag his car and "kissed" the car in front of him. In the end, the best was Michal Šubrt, who fought over all his opponents
and defeated the other Maika Elbert (DE) and Zoltán Zángó Jr. (HU). He deserves great respect. However, the overall victory in the
championship was won by David Mrlin, who was the 8th overall.

In the PRO category there were many new faces and powerful machines among the riders. Before the start of the race,
the championship was so strained that the difference between the top five drivers was up to 10 points, which meant that it was
necessary to place the best possible position for the winner to be clear. Finally, in this group, the Championship winner was
the 6th place and Michal Vychodil defeated just 3 points of the 4th Czech Champ Marco Zakouřil, who did not go all the races
this season like Michal. Marco, however, won despite the weather changes, constantly changing conditions on the track, the whole final
race and defeated the Hungarian racer József Bimbó and Roman Kolesar from Košice, who came after years again to measure forces with other riders on Czech soil.
Even in the PRO category, there was no need for interesting moments, even if Daniel Janota broke his BMW 1 Turbo when he avoided a maneuver.
All in all, we have to say that despite the weather, the riders showed incredible performances, beautiful battle and we consider
the race to be very successful. Preparations for the last event of this year are underway, and this will be the traditional
Drift Party, where we will decorate the masters not only of these two categories, but also Street and Gymkhana, so we invite you this
way 17.11. to the MischMasch club in Prague, where you will be able to meet the riders even without jumpsuits and helmets.
For the whole season and your support, thank you very much and we promise that the next one will be a bit better.
Drift well.