RD7 Transport Projekt Drift Challenge - Brno 26. - 28. října

Place: RD7 Transport Projekt Drift Challenge - Brno
Datum: 26. - 28. října
Livestream: Ano
Vstupné: sobota - 150,- kč
neděle - 150,- kč

Hello to everybody :)

Season 2018 is endlessly coming to an end and we have Grand Final again. The Czech Drift Series, in cooperation with the Masaryk Circuit Brno, has prepared for you a race on a wonderful circuit in Brno after a year. Just like last year at the Masaryk Circuit, we will be alone and will be Drifting all weekend. We do not go with any other competition !!

The deadline for entries is 25.10.2018 - 22:00

This year I have two tracks for the riders and for the audience again, and for the season 2017 the tracks will be swapped, the Grand Final will race on the triumph C, riders of the PRO and Semi-PRO category will ride on the grandstand F.

Propositions for racers
Startovné 4.000,- kč
Pneuservis ANO - 50,-kč/ks
Elektro ANO
Toalety a sprchy ANO
Box 6.000,- kč (pro dvě auta, je potřeba rezervace na josef.strnad@drifting.cz)
Circle name: Automotodrom Brno
Adresa: Automotodrom Brno
GPS: 49.2038873N, 16.4434728E
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/UZDVTxgBZJn
Track information - Driftchallenge - Drift - PRO
Track information - Driftchallenge - Drift - PRO2