RD1 Transport Projekt Drift Challenge - Sosnová 10. - 13. května

Place: RD1 Transport Projekt Drift Challenge - Sosnová
Datum: 10. - 13. května
Livestream: Ano
Vstupné: Sobota - 100,- kč
Neděle - 150,- kč
víkend - 200,- kč
parkovné 50,- kč
We finally got to see the first PRO and Semi-PRO races here !!!!!
First race in the season 2018, right on the most popular track at the Autodrome in Sosnová near Česká Lípa ...
Drifters and Drifter are already eager for a long winter break and are now ready to introduce all your racing machines in full beauty and strength!  
RD1 PRO / Semi-PRO Transport Project 2018 .. Registration for the race is open. and is required by April 10, 2018 at 18:00.
On Friday, trainers are ready for full-length training, especially for Street riders. we look forward to you and drift well ...
Propositions for racers
Startovné 3.700,- kč/ 150 EURO + páteční trénink 1.000,- kč/ 40 EURO
Pneuservis ANO
Elektro ANO
Toalety a sprchy ANO
Circle name: Autodrom Sosnová
Adresa: Česká Lípa 200, 470 01 Sosnová
GPS: 50.658302N, 14.5380443E
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yAAzyPT4NUE2
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